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Director : Sean K. Lambert

Writers : Boris Amado - David Amado - Jennie Pyles

Stars : Robert Livingston - Sophie Sakson - Sara Oliveri


Follow Frankie and Mickey's intense love affair into insane and sometimes unimaginable situations driven or caused by their love for each other and their love of "The Black".


I shot the poster photos of this film in the heart of Hollywood Blvd.  The photos where used for advertisement of the independent award winning film submitted to the Rain Dance Film Festival and the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. 


March 2018



Written and Directed by  : Victor Antillanca

Star : Miguel Salamnca

This short film features Miguel Salamanca a profesional skater from Mexico City skating from Down Town to his house in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the City.  Despite his aggressive Mara Salvatrucha look he actually does what he loves which is skateboarding.

This was a one man project I did the Pre-Production, Production, and Post- Production.  I also did the voice over.  This film was shot in one day.  

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